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Technical, R&D, New Product Development, Environmental Compliance:

Graduate level degrees in chemistry, with past experience in developing/optimizing impressed current cathodic protection systems, graduate study in photochemistry related to air pollution, basic research and development of water recovery systems related to space travel.

Extensive experience as a Technical Director/R&D Manager for a worldwide paint & coatings company; global responsibility for new product development- for both commercial products and for products to meet various government regulations and military specifications.  Created, directed and managed global QA Programs, including one to supply to nuclear utilities and to military entities.

Managed multi-national teams and dealt with regulations,  regional product differences, and asset preservation needs around the world.


Strategic Marketing and Branding

Graduate of the Peter Drucker Center; post graduate study in Strategic Business Modelling at the London Business School.

Proven success running a global marketing function, as a past VP of Worldwide Marketing.

Developed and implemented marketing strategies, tactical plans and programs to target core markets and key customers in the USA and around the world.

Successfully branded a new technology and commercialized key products that commanded premium pricing. Identified new product needs to leap-frog the competition.

Analyzed key global trends to develop programs and strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
Business Development/ Key Account Management

Developed alliance programs to meet the specific requirements of key customers. Successfuly interfaced with local sales, technical and supply functions to best service key customer needs.

Created tools and approaches to provide global project management for strategic customers.

Updated specifications to best meet customers' needs, with most reliable and competitive products.

Provided necessary technical and HSE advice support.
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